(Re) Introductions



So, since I am starting fresh I might as well “begin at the beginning” as they say. I started this (new) blog mainly because I always have a lot on my mind. Why would you care? Well, I’ve been through more than most and am still somewhat normal. This may interest you since many people who have been through the ringer in life will use it as an excuse to be… (enter issue here). Or they use it as an excuse to be nothing at all. Although I believe your past experiences give you good reason for many things, I don’t believe they are an excuse for anything!

Theinnerskinpicker is something I thought of that applies to my compulsion of skin picking. I am in recovery but that issue is still a struggle every day. Much like an alcoholic, I take it day by day and do my best.

Unlike my previous blog I will be pretty much talking about anything and everything and won’t keep it isolated to my compulsion, as it does not define who I am. I hope I can provide a smile for you and maybe some perspective. Enjoy!

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