Leave the front door unlocked

Leave the front door unlocked

My sister shared this with me on FB and I thought it needed to be shared with you.  If you don’t understand OCD or don’t know anyone who has it, then this might offer some perspective.  Although I believe this is an extreme case and he should really seek treatment, it warms my heart that love would put such a wrinkle in his reality.  To say it is hard to find someone who accepts your compulsions is a rare thing.  I’ve had many a relationship end because someone couldn’t deal with my “issues”.  Even, as the man in the video notes, having someone think it’s cute in the beginning may end up annoyed by it.  I have to say I am blessed to be with someone who loves me to my core, compulsions and all.

2 thoughts on “Leave the front door unlocked

  1. willitbeok says:

    I was so glad to see this making the rounds on Facebook! I wish I were creative enough to write poems like this guy does. >.< But, he is so spot on. I identify so much with what he says.

    • Kat says:

      I am also impressed with his writing but more his delivery. It’s like you actually feel his pain. I think it makes it so that anyone, OCD or not can relate.

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