Burn Out

I am suffering from severe burn out – like my motivation is at E. I’m at the end of one of my most tedious courses (Public Administration) and a host of other things are on my plate. I remember laughing but I don’t do it every day now – maybe that’s what is missing. I need a good laugh – a laugh so hard you fart kinda laugh. A laugh so hard you can’t breath (possibly because of the previous fart) kinda laugh. It’s so simple, but I really believe that is the best medicine. I’m not ready to throw my Zoloft to the wind and replace it with laughing – but I think it would increase the efficacy. And while I sit here typing this blog my keyboard keys are sticking and not showing what I type on the screen unless I slap them repeatedly. It’s driving me nuts – I would throw this damn thing across the room if I didn’t, you know, need it to live. Add that to the list of crap that is burning my rope….I seriously need to pick at something.

On a side note, I am doing freelance writing for money if anyone needs anything done.  I do articles, papers, blogs etc.  Let me know what you need, I don’t really have any limits except I won’t write porn.  I saw this job where they wanted someone to rewrite a gay erotica short story and I was like – how do you re-write that?? Anyway you spin it it will look like the same story…..

This just in!

SO, I am working on my website when I come to a recent article about how skin picking is now defined as its own disorder.  This has been a long time coming my friends, really.

However, the elephant on the page is the “9 Things We Shouldn’t Pick or Pop”.  Really?  So lets write an article on how this is a mental disorder and aggravate things further by shoving in down your throat that you shouldn’t be doing it.  It’s like saying, here – you have an issue and we know that but you need to stop and here is why.  As if us skin pickers don’t already know we are damaging our skin and have high risks for infection.

However, I do like that they noted the genetic “vulnerability” of the disorder and wish they would dive into the link of it being learned as well.  Most people I know that pick have seen others pick to deal with stress or have been picked at by others.  Overall, I guess I am just glad that awareness is rising.