This just in!

SO, I am working on my website when I come to a recent article about how skin picking is now defined as its own disorder.  This has been a long time coming my friends, really.

However, the elephant on the page is the “9 Things We Shouldn’t Pick or Pop”.  Really?  So lets write an article on how this is a mental disorder and aggravate things further by shoving in down your throat that you shouldn’t be doing it.  It’s like saying, here – you have an issue and we know that but you need to stop and here is why.  As if us skin pickers don’t already know we are damaging our skin and have high risks for infection.

However, I do like that they noted the genetic “vulnerability” of the disorder and wish they would dive into the link of it being learned as well.  Most people I know that pick have seen others pick to deal with stress or have been picked at by others.  Overall, I guess I am just glad that awareness is rising.

No Really, It’s OCD

OCD is so in the public now days that people use it to describe just about any quirk they have. While I believe many people have OCD like tendencies, this general use of the word makes things both easier and harder for those of us who have it. For instance, you may walk into a filthy house and claim “My OCD is kicking in! I can’t be in this filth!”. Ok, that’s not OCD sweetie – it’s normal to be disgusted by a nasty house. The good news is that, when we who have OCD, proclaim it to others as a sort of warning or just in conversation, it is easily received by just about anyone. What they usually don’t get is that we are serious and it is a real issue. I have ALWAYS been very open about my compulsion, and would usually tell people back in the dating scene upfront. Normally, since everyone all of a sudden has it, they would blow me off like “no big deal”. Later down the road there was always a moaning about how I can never touch anyone without picking. DUH! What part of “I have OCD and my compulsion is skin picking” didn’t you understand? Once again, let me add that I am SO thankful to be with someone who gets it.

At the end of each post now I’m going to do a thing called “My First Thought”. As this implies, I will put an issue that I hear about and my first thoughts on the subject. Why? Because I can. So heads up – these are literally my first thoughts on the subject. They will be short-sighted, and probably without tact, as I usually am.

I heard on the radio that the US is no longer going to give aid to Egypt as our government believes the military there is staging a Coup. This aid is to the tune of one billion dollars.

My First Thought
Duh, its a coup – and does that mean we can put that money into paying off our deficit?