Gender Bias

So technically, most skin pickers are women (as per research).  Now – let me tell you why this is not necessarily true.  As we all know – studies can be used to show anything.  I do it all the time with my research papers.  If there is an opinion, I can find a credible source that will either back it up or discredit it, whichever you choose.  So, to say that the majority of skin pickers are women we have to think about the nature of a woman and her constant bombardment of what the media thinks a perfect woman is.  Naturally, we also are more likely to admit our issues than men, since they still (archaically) believe that flaws are weaknesses.  On top of that, we have been programed to believe that anything less than perfect skin is ugly (enter beauty products to correct said imperfections). There are a million other reasons why the studies show women more likely to be compulsive skin pickers. 

However, having known many men in my life that are also skin pickers, I can tell you that it is not the case.  Men are less likely to view it as an issue however.  I see guys all the time picking at their face in the car mirror while at a stop light.  If a woman is caught doing this, it’s appalling.  For a guy, just another day with a zit.  If there could be millions made by brainwashing men into having generations with body dysmorphic disorder (that’s a whole other blog I need to get going), and then selling them things to help them “overcome” this issue – then I think the gender gap in research on the issue will start to even out.